Harry Saxton

Private Investigator, Grizzled Ex-Cop


Character Name: Harry Saxton Player Name: Patrick Crocker Template: Mortal Musts: None High Concept Aspect: Private Investigator, Grizzled Ex-Cop Trouble: Strict Moral Code · Phase One Aspect: Poor Boy Made Good · Phase two Aspect: To Serve and Protect · Phase three Aspect: Unsuspecting Detective · Phase four Aspect: Sucker for a Pretty Face · Phase five Aspect: Vendetta with the Mob Refresh: 5 Stress Physical I I I I, Mental I I I, Social I I I Skills Athletics (Fair +2), Contacts (Good +3), Conviction (Average +1), Driving (Good +3), Endurance (Good +3), Fists (Great +4), Guns (Great +4), Intimidation (Fair +2), Investigation (Superb +5), Might (Average +1), Presence (Fair +2), Rapport (Fair +2), Scholarship (Average +1), Stealth (Average +1). Stunts: Footwork, Hard Boiled, Killer Blow, Pin the Tail, Scene of the Crime, Shake the Tail, Target Rich Environment.


Background: Where did you come from? · Born in a run-down tenement building in the lower east side of Chicago. Parents, Michael and Marry and younger sister Siobhan raised Harold Michael Saxton in the dirty corrupt streets of the turbulent 60’s. Raised Catholic, but was never very religious, Harry loved to box at Sullivan’s gym and played on his high-school football team. He was taught the simplicity of life and how difficult it can be to scratch out a living in his poorer neighborhood. This caused a resentment for higher-bred families in Harry who had life so easy, as he pledged to his family that he would make something of himself and follow in his father’s footsteps into an honorable profession. · Phase One Aspect: Poor Boy Made Good Rising Conflict: What shaped you? · Harry Joined the police academy at 22, and made a municipal police officer soon after. During his duties in the Chicago PD, Harry fought the forces of crime and injustice. Never veering from the moral fiber he was taught in his youth he made few friends and many enemies in his days on the beat. He trained along with his friend and confidant Francis Ryan, he had known since high school. A good and decent man, Ryan helped him through many days when Harry would be tested physically and morally in the bad town they both had to work in. · Phase two Aspect: To Serve and Protect The Story: What was your First Adventure? · After making Detective grade, Harry Saxton was assigned a grisly string of murders that could not easily be explained. Bodies of women and men were found drained of blood with what appeared to be human teeth marks upon the victim’s throats ripping them open. The bodies were always drained almost completely of blood which led to the media naming the culprit “The Vampire Killer”. Little could be found concerning a suspect or apparent motivation for the crimes other than perhaps insanity. A lone informant, a mysterious British gentleman named Jonathan Collins had approached Saxton with the description of the man whom he believed was the man he sought and his current location. This lead to a confrontation with a vicious psychopathic Red Court vampire on the roof of the abandoned meat packing plant he used as a hideout. The killer almost dropped Harry to his doom on the pavement below, if it was not for a lucky strike with a broken night-stick that stabbed deep into the heart of this creature, killing it and releasing a struggling Saxton. This event started him down the path towards the supernatural, and nothing would be the same again. · Phase three Aspect: Unsuspecting Detective · Story title: “The Case of The Vampire Killer” · Guest Starring: Jonathan Collins Guest Star: Whose path have you crossed? Sophia Monstrose · Shaken after this harrowing encounter, Harry transferred away from the Chicago PD and left for the city of New Orleans to become a police inspector. There, he began keeping the peace in the ultimate sin-city of corruption and decay which led him to the seedier side of life. A suspected prostitute and later informant named Sophia Mostrose was apprehended by Saxton in her place of business, an exotic dance club in town where she performed. On the ride to the station, Mostrose showed her true form as a White Court Vampire as she began to feed on Saxton’s emotions and lulled him into a lustful state. This feeding was halted however as this caused Harry to crash his police car into a trash can and stopped the vampire from completely dominating him. The two however eventually became friends as Sophia provided Harry information which aided in his investigations greatly. Harry never quite recovered from this experience and has trouble saying no to Sophia, or any sexy female which troubles Harry to this day. · Story Title: Cloak And Dagger Whose story was this? Who else was in it? Sophia Monstrose · Phase four Aspect: Sucker for a Pretty Face Guest Star Redux: Who else’s path have you crossed? Daniel Vance, Joe Ferguson Eventually Harry leaves the New Orleans Police and becomes a private eye. His first case involves a missing persons case, a 16 year old runaway’s parents hires Harry to find her. She ran away due to family quarrels involving the fact that she is a shape changer in a family of normal folks. The girl is found dead by Harry and after initial investigations a local forensics expert and mortician brother in law Joe Ferguson with the help of shape-shifter Daniel Vance, explained the young girl’s condition and that a particular gangster named Joey “Knuckles” Stompanato was responsible. She had witnessed mob business and had to be eliminated to keep her silent. Joey was tracked down and arrested, but was released due to lack of evidence and local corruption. Harry stills holds animosity for Stompanato and the local mob and will do anything to try to challenge or stop them. · Story title: “Innocence Lost in New Orleans” · Whose story was this? Daniel Vance, Joe Ferguson · Phase five Aspect: Vendetta with the Mob

Harry Saxton

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