Joe Ferguson

Wizard Mortician


Joe Ferguson High Aspect Wizard Mortician Trouble Loving, but harried Family man

Š 3 Great, 3 Good, 3 Fair, 8 Average (17 total skills)

Stress: Mental OOOO Physical OOO Social OOO

Discipline Superb (+5) Lore Great (+4) Scholarship Great Forensic pathologist, Mortician, general medicine (+4) Conviction Great (+4) Performance (Poetry, Harmonica, Drawing/sketching) Good (+3) Athletics Good (+3) Rapport Good (+3) Alertness Fair (+2) Empathy Fair (+2) Presence Fair (+2) Weapons Average (+1) Endurance Average (+1) Contacts Average (+1)

Evocation: specialization – power bonus to water (+1) Refinement: Evocation Water Power (+1) Water control (+1) Thaumauturgy: Control, Wards +1

Powers: Evocation [-3] Thaumaturgy [-3] The Sight [-1] Soulgaze [-0] Wizard’s Constitution [-0] Refinement: Evocation Water Power (+1) Water control (+1)


Entropic water shield – misty water shield, requires gauntlet. Block 6 or armor 3. Works by disintigrating and disrupting attacks passing through it. Duration 1

Rot: enhances the detrimental effects of water on the target. Weapon: 6, requires no tools.

Wiretap: Power 3, duration 1 – eavesdrop manuever (soundwaves hit solids, he hears the echo’s through the earth) requires no tools.

Hide: Power 4 – hides Joe and 1-2 people close to him. Spirit veil. requires no tools.

Stunt: Can use Scholarship instead of investigation when examining corpses for clues

Medical Examiner (Scholarship): Joe may use his Scholarship instead of Investigation to find clues when examining a corpse.

"Reluctant ally of the Loa" 
   Tags - to persuade a loa to provide information, to know something about a loa. To know who in the city is aware of the loa, to boost a spell by invoking a loa
   Compels - fail a social roll because he associates with a "bad element". To provide assistance to a loa. To allow a loa to "escape".
"I know New Orleans like a lover" 
   Good tags - to beat someone to a location, to know where something is at
   Compels - To prevent property damage, to donate serious money to save a landmark, to overreact to serious vandalism, to fail a stealth roll (someone goes "hey Joe, whats up?"

“Granddad’s getting senile” Tags – to establish rapport with an old person. To sympathize with a couple with a live in elder relative. To manipulate gramps behavior (kinda scuzzy though) Compels – Brothers demand a family meeting to discuss the situation at the same time Joe is suppose to meet with Baron Samedi. Shapeshifter tags it for a bonus to stay disguised as gramps. Parishioners start bringing problems to Joe, as he is heir apparant to gramps. To forgo chasing bad guy to check on mumbling old man in the street.

“Snakes! Why did it have to be snakes?” Good tags – bonus to full defense when fighting a giant snake. Bonus to athletics to run away when fighting a giant snake. To know what spirits are associated with snakes. Compels – to automatically fail or freeze when suddenly confronted by a snake. To visit the lair of a known snake person last, when searching for a lost boy.

Must avenge Uncle Frank (Mentor) Uncle Frank was Joe’s wizard teacher. He was killed by Something during Hurricane Katrina.


Boots – 5 shift effect. Magnetic effect that yanks metal toward the ground. Disarms everyone zone wide if they are using metallic weaponry. Targets are allowed to use an appropriate skill to resist a 3-shift disarm effect. Will also pull other metal objects to the ground, which could be useful for other purposes. Two enchanted item slots (1 focus item slot) 1 time per session. He typically stamps his foot to activate, but this isn’t required.

Gris-Gris bag – 4 block/2 armor 1 time per session. 1 enchanted item slot

1 potion slot (“empty” enchanted item slot)

Focus item – +1 defensive power and control for water. Two focus item slots. Fingerless Gauntlet, with Veves, names of saints sewn into it.

Owns a medium house in the lower ninth ward. Owns a 1972 Plymouth Valiant Scamp vehicle.

Exwife. Ingrid – tall (6 foot 2) pale norwegian lass. They have a boy who is close to turning 16. (Oskar). Present Wife: Siobhan. Tall (5ft 11) Irish lass, well freckled, fiery red hair, temper to match. Her conflicts with both Joe and his grand dad are the stuff of legend. As is Joe and Siobhan’s making up. 4 children. Twin 13 year old girls. Hellions. 1 boy – 9 years old 1 girl – 4 years old.

Physical appearence: A very small, slight man (5 foot tall). African American, 34 years old. Bald, with a prominant mole next to his nose. Some tattoos.

Saint Johns A small, old church that is next door to the Whispering Oaks funeral home. Still ran by Joe’s grandfather (Tony Ferguson), who has a strong grip on his extensive brood. Aspect: Mighty is the power of the lord Face: Tony Ferguson

Whispering Oaks Funeral home. Aspect: Funeral home in the know Founded by Joe’s great grandfather, in the early 1900’s. (Making it fairly young for New Orleans). Its day to day runnings are handled by Tony junior (TJ for short), one of Joe’s siblings. The staff here are all members of the extended Ferguson family, and are familar with the supernatural. Face: Joe Ferguson

Tony Ferguson (grandfather of Joe Ferguson) Priestly defender of the defenseless Other aspects: There is no soul but hath a guardian. I think I’m going senile. Frail of Body but Firm of Faith. My grandson trusts the loa too much.

Skills: Conviction: Superb (+5), Discipline: Great (+4), Empathy: Great (+4), Lore: Good (+3) Rapport: Good (+3), Presence: Good (+3), Most other social and mental skills default to fair, physical to mediocre.

Stunts: Blessed Words (Conviction): Given a proper amount of time to pray to his god, may lay an aspect upon a scene with a successful Conviction declaration representing the effects of that prayer. Withering Glare (Conviction): Priest Ferguson can use his conviction score to intimidate a foe, providing the foe can see his face.

Powers: Bless this House [-1] Righteousness [-2]

Stress Mental OOOO, additional mild consequence Physical OO Social OOOO

Refresh: -5


Joe Ferguson

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