Roger Skarr

Heir to the blood of Loki


Roger Skarr (Jason Lane)

High Concept: Heir to the blood of Loki Trouble: Nobody trusts him – even he has doubts.

Template: Emissary of Power, Scion-flavored. Marked by Power deemed inappropriate.

Where did you come from? Some boring town in some boring part of the country somewhere in Louisiana. Everything seemed normal enough for the first few years, until Roger realized that his father just didn’t fit in. He didn’t work for a living, he never spoke about or wanted to visit (or even talk about) his family, and he was never over anywhere to watch a big game or have some barbecue. His father’s weirdness nearly made Roger an outcast at school, but his sheer charm won the other kids over, so his life was mostly normal.. for a while.

Aspect: Talks his way out of (and into) trouble

What shaped you?

At 16, Roger had realized that he could do some really amazingly weird things. He tried to talk to his father about it, and was completely stonewalled. He pleaded, he shouted, he demonstrated what he could do, but his father was not in the least impressed and refused to explain a thing. All he would say was that Roger should forget all that, stay away from weird people, and just try to fit in; “you’ll understand eventually” was his last word on the topic.

Roger stormed out of the house, realized he had nowhere to go, came back to steal some money and pack a bag, and eventually got on a bus to New Orleans. Once there, he found himself with nobody to help him, no credentials, no skills, and not a lot of money. He used what he had, which led him to a life of crime and ultimately to the skills that became his career: blackmail, embezzlement, and confidence schemes, perpetrated upon those who he felt deserved it. Once he had enough money to have a stable lifestyle, he began seeking out the supernatural community as if his life depended on meeting just one more practitioner of the arts, freely using his charm and resources to win people over; he viewed this as his only hope of learning what he really was or of locating people who he might be able to have a conversation with without lying.

Aspect: Knows someone on every side of town

What was your first adventure? (Subject to being abruptly changed to more specific to the city we come up with..) Title: Dead Man’s Stomp

A developer decided to raze what they call a “historic neighborhood”, and some of Roger’s new friends came to Roger for help. Roger blithely walked into their office one day with a stolen badge and a face to match, poked around the building for a few hours, and quietly left; a week later, the news was full of the story about the environmental misdeeds and building code violations that the developer had been perpetrating for years. All courtesy of an anonymous whistle-blower, of course..

Which would have been all well and good, even despite the.. other connections that developer had, if only Roger hadn’t gone back to the office in the same disguise. He told himself it was to make sure he’d done enough, but in reality he just wanted to gloat. When he left, he found himself being tailed.. by what proved to be a ghoul.

By the time things settled back down, the developer was out of business very permanently; meanwhile, Roger had met some interesting new people and finally learned the secret of his origin. Guest-starring: Richard’s character, who became involved as a contact, because his mortuary was in the area.. then really got involved when Roger was looking for help with ghouls! Guest-starring: Sophia Montrose; something terrible happens at the strip club, Zach walks into it, Roger gets involved because Zach pulls him in. Aspect: Traitor with a heart with gold

Phase 4, Guest-starred in: Daniel Vance, “School of the Hunter” found him on the street fighting with his adversary, helped him with it, and gave him someplace to hide and heal. Aspect: “Shows up at the damnedest times.”

Phase 5, guest-starred in: Joe Ferguson, “The Serpent’s Skin”. Roger was contacted by Ava Kay of Temple Simbi-sen Jak, asking that he look into a pair of worshipers whose practices were extremely questionable. He unexpectedly found himself walking into the middle of a fight, with their latest victim (Joe Ferguson) being swallowed whole as he entered. In the ensuing battle, Roger forced his way down the serpent’s throat and joined Joe, where he changed into a serpent himself and expanded to give Joe some room; Joe, given this opening, blew the larger serpent to pieces. Aspect: “Roger lies, ‘Joe, it’s all in a day’s work’.” - Show quoted text -

Appearance: Highly variable!

Since he’s wanted to cultivate a reputation within the supernatural community of [city], however, he has opted to keep a consistent identity in dealing with them. He’s been appearing to that group as a tall, broad-shouldered man with curly red hair, an easy smile, and (generally) a dress shirt and tie, and it is that guise that he’ll be known by here.

Powers: True Shapeshifter [-4] Modular Abilities [-5] Human Form [+1] The Catch [0] – Serpent’s venom, besides potential damage it also leaves him locked in his current form for the rest of the scene.

Skills (Normal):

Deceit – Superb Resources – Superb Contacts – Great Presence – Great Empathy – Good Burglary – Good Rapport – Fair Lore – Fair Scholarship – Fair Intimidation – Average Investigation – Average Alertness – Average Athletics – Average Driving – Average

Stress: Physical 2 Mental 2 Social 4

NB: As per discussion with Jon, socially-oriented skills decreasing while in non-human form makes sense; purely mental/’knowledge’ skills doing so does not. Thus, deceit, resources, and contacts can be dropped arbitrarily low, but burglary, lore, and scholarship are fixed.

Skills (‘Standard’ combat set): Fists – Superb Athletics – Superb Endurance – Great Alertness – Great Might – Good Burglary – Good Stealth – Fair Lore – Fair Scholarship – Fair Intimidation – Average Investigation – Average Alertness – Average Athletics – Average Driving – Average

Abilities (in this particular form) Claws [-1] – act as weapon:2 on Fists attacks Inhuman Strength[-2] – +3 might for lifting or breaking, +1 might on grapples, might always provides a +1 on modifying another skill, +2 to damage

Stress: Physical 4 (plus an additional mild consequence) Mental 2 Social 2

Other abilities available and quick reference notes: [-1] Diminutive Size (+4 stealth, +2 to alertness/investigation on small objects, endurance capped at mediocre, might is relative, 1 stress per attack, +1 athletics for dodging) [-1] Echoes of the Beast (mostly to cover improving senses; having no spiritual connection with the animal species, other bonuses are N/A) [-2] Inhuman Recovery (no justification needed for non-combat recovery, all consequences treated as one level lower, endurance never restricts other skills, can go a night without sleep, once per scene negate a mild consequence) [-2] Inhuman Speed (+4 alertness for initiative, athletics +1 (+2 while sprinting), moving between zones does not invoke the -1 supplemental penalty, difficulty from moving + stealth reduced by two) [-2] Inhuman Toughness (armor:1 against all physical stress, 2 additional boxes of physical stress capacity) [-2] Inhuman Strength (+3 might for lifting or breaking, +1 might on grapples, might always provides a +1 on modifying another skill, +2 to damage) [-1] Spider Walk [-2] Hulking Size (+1 bonus to attackers, +2 physical stress, problems interacting with small objects, small entrances are threshold 1, +2 to might for lift or break, +1 to athletics for movement, +2 intimidation, stealth is mediocre) [-1] Wings [-1] Aquatic [-3] Gaseous Form

Other common forms include small cats and birds (superb Stealth and Athletics, Diminutive Size, Wings), inanimate objects (he specializes in chairs), and all manner of humans and humanoids.

At the moment, as per discussion with JBS, changing shape is a full exchange action (instead of supplemental) Both of us suspect that True Shapeshifting is potentially overpowered; this limit may well change as the game progresses.


Roger Skarr

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